Our Grow-Kit Gift Cards

A romantic gift that grows kisses - perfect for Christmas or Valentine's Day!

Available in five designs

Our range of Gift Cards has been specially developed for Christmas, so that our Mistletoe Grow-Kits, not despatched until early spring, can be given as Christmas presents. The planting season, centred on February and March, also makes the cards particularly suitable for Valentine's Day.

Gift Cards cost £19.50

parantoegif1How does it work?
The card is delivered to you, for you to personalise and give or send to the recipient. Each card comes cello-wrapped and includes an envelope for you to send it to the recipient, plus a return pre-paid envelope and a voucher for them to complete with their name and address, before sending back to us.

We will send their Grow-Kit to them in spring – they can choose a delivery period that suits them when they return their voucher.

parantoegif1Ordering Gift Cards £19.50
To order please choose from the five designs – Blue Sky, Frosty, Botanical, Mistletoe & Kisses or Leaves & Berries – and then click the Order Now button below. You can place your order any time* - we will despatch the card to you by First Class Mail. Do note that these cards are designed for you give - the cards are not designed to be sent direct to the recipient by us.


Update March 2024: we have now paused Gift Card sales for this season

If you would prefer a Grow Kit without a card have a look at the options on our Grow-Kit page.

parantoegif1About our Mistletoe Grow-Kits
Our kits have been developed by mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs, and are an improved version of the popular kits he designed for Tenbury Mistletoe from 2006-2009.

Each kit contains 50 freshly-picked berries, enough for about 10 plantings, with detailed instructions, labelling material and a recording form to keep track of each plant.

For full details visit our Grow-Kit page.